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Unable to update my details

I complained about this problem a few months ago to OST in private via email but it has not yet been fixed. It would seem to me that, if you were going to require your entire client base to update their profiles, that it should be tested and confirmed that they all can do it without problems before going ahead.
I am unable to update the card number linked to my standard bank account because the input field won't let me type in all the characters. That seems like a small problem to fix? Also, I've just done the update anyway and it said successful however my professional/non-professional setting has not been changed.
I wonder if OST could check it out?
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I have the same problem in that I changed certain minor issues as well as my classification based on the JSE definition. I also received a successful notification of the changes but upon checking I note the amendments have not been made and every time I log in I get prompted to do the necessary again. Just not good enough. Perhaps the powers who be can check why the amendments are not being implemented?
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it took almost 2 months to get my e-mail changed a while ago after numerous e-mail and even contacting them i had no joy, i then threatened that i would report the incompetent person to his boss, that done the trick within 5 minutes of my e-mail i got a phone call and it was sorted, so good luck.
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A couple of annoyed emails later and my card number length problem will be resolved tomorrow morning. I was very surprised by that. It's a positive improvement over every single other communication before.
They mentioned that some of the settings (professional/non-professional) will only take affect after 24 hours. So give it a day, Ricky, and then take it up with them.
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