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Unhappy Clients - 4 Simon

Occasional Contributor
Ok Simon, I don't stir often, but seems like I am not the only person on the site that is totally unhappy about the insane nanny like behaviour of the Auto logoff . in short, I am a friging adult, on a private secure notebook. You obviously have no concept of how the site is used. Remove the Auto log off or give people a democratic choice of making use of it if they wish. And yes again the stupid big arrows in the portfolio page in simple is annoying and smacks of e web designer strait out of nappies. Replace with the old graphics.
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Use the Old Menu to see you portfolio with the small red arrows
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mmmmh, seems like someone her does not like the big red arrows ... Don't worry man ! nether do I ,not that i have any and if i had some i most probibly would have taken it out on SBK as well hehehe. Enjoy your weekend
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The fact that you guys mention RED ARROWS is exceptional and prophetic,it doesn't happen everyday and is a subtle message from the forces that control the universe...
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