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Volitality (wicked)

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Head of Deutche bank says that there may be push from the banks re EU plan and the USD/ZAR moves 0.07%. One needs nerves of steel to trade this market. Strangely, I dont think anyone, other than EU constituents, have any idea as to what is gonna happen.
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They all functionally broke so one of 2 things happens. There is a defualt. OR They print up loads of cash and inject luquidity into a market full of junk nobody wants ... kinda like what the US did with subprime.
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don't think the EU can print cash? And default is already anticipated - now they are just looking to see how much they need to shore up their banks by. Pray to all deities that there is not a second crisis hanging in the wings in the EU - like a Portugal or Ireland default looming
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