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Welcome Back for 2010

Super Contributor
To forumites. Welcome back. May this be a good year for all. (or at least better than the last ). In the op the forum whats the best shares and sectors to look at?
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One share in particular to me is BTI. It might have some excitement built in it for 2010. The way I understand it is that negotiations are under way with Treasury to have BAT reclassified as a domestic asset under exchange control legislation. If this should happen then fund managers no longer need to use their foreign allowance to hold BAT and therfor be able to hold/obtain more BAT shares and yes more local demand. Also good div. at current price. Maybe cheaper to enter via REI?
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Platsak, welcome back to you as well. Hope you had a great break and are ready for a good year ahead. My radar has banking and hospitality with food supply as in fastfoods and retail giant PP SHP etc due to 2010 cup fever. Many say to late as price is built in, but I think we are only now gonna see the ramp-up. Safricans have a habit of waking up at the last minute and then demand is at a premium. Airlines might also benefit if we can only figure who will be around for then after the Airlink article on moneyweb..... Longer term I also like BTI, REI, MTX is a nice play and I think will do well now that they have refocused. Plat shares doing well and resources expected to be a big driver in comming months again. Telecoms???? with the broadband fight at pricing for market share at the moment and fights for local loop deregulation with guys like Altech and others looking at Africa expansions....thoughts?
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I think that BTI is trading in a massive symmetrical wedge since feb 09, it is now ready to break-out or bounce back off the upper limits. Volumes are increasing as well, watch it closely on monday.
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