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What growth are you achieving hmmmm??

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one last thing...every single year from 2003 some talking head was saying it would all end next month..every single month...nobody knows the future... what I do know is the market must move to survive and as long as the market is geared as much as it is these days 40% a year will be considered a bad year.
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Oh and me own portfolio going through the credit crunch in 3 years trading done a 43% return trading 34 ssf year 1, year 2 29 mix of cfd and ssf and year 3 13 cfd, time is all important in this game and 40% year on year is tough OKAY 2009 was an easy 40% but 2008 and 2010 not so easy so far 2010 has produced 20% and 2008 was a big loss with the crunch ( and me had no clue what I was doing was first year and what a time to start trading I can sure pick them 2008 I paid for University degree twice ) Think Simon needs to Give the servivors of the credit crunch a doctorate in trading we sure paid for the degree in fees and losses well some of us .One thing about trading you pay the fees whether you win or loose.
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well, the problem is that its not a balanced portfolio in that sense... maybe trading its possible, but the question was for balanced portfolio, not?
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