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are banks that immune?

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With all the continuous bailouts in the US and UK (1 and now 2 and more to come.......) for Citi, AIG, RBS and the like, is our banking industry immune to the liquidity cruch? (Boardman and Booysens dont think so). We all see the same information: Externally - exports decling (on falling demand)with mining sectors, general manufacturers, vehicle man and component suppliers, and still we remain very much net importers, hence the current account to still grow? Hence currency weakness.. Internally we have unemployment rising based on forced retrenchments (to run business lean), business foreclosures, liquidations etc (with high interest rates remaining and falling demand. (Although STATS SA says last year quarter declined, but realistically we see the effects on the ground....:( Is the above not simple reading, that our banking sector is in for more than a "challenging period" with "reduced profits" - but more likely to be in a period of potential continued "loss making" and "write downs". I am not positive on banks (irrespective of interest rates coming down and words from leaders, who are leaving or about to leave in a years time (booysen and boardman) comments?
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