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is oml a buy
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Yes and no, what do you want he answer to be?
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the easy money has been made and it was certainly a buy when it dropped below R5.Now depends what u are looking for it does have a special div I think of over R2 coming shareholders way and it has long term potential but the buy opportunity was around 2 years ago when everyone was down and old mutual especially
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that can be said of almost any stock on world amrkets .. the buy was 2 (or 3) years ago ..
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true it's difficult to buy when there is blood on the streets and everyone is shouting it's the end of capitalism as we know it but I managed to buy a few old mutual at 7, picknpay and reunert around this time and they have done well since then-it may be soon that I will take some profit as the market has recovered very well and it could be time to sell.
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