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top40 pullback - budget speech

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It seems the market may be waiting for the budget speech before it decides whether or not to pull back, I think there will be a short term surge if taxes are cut on companies( it would also strengthen the long term bull market). and if taxes are not then we may finally see a good buying opportunity by Friday/Monday(i.e 2-3 day correction), if they do cut taxes we will probably remain in the overbought situation till at least next week. What do you guys think? Am i putting too much emphasis on the budget speech?
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I was expecting a very quiet day until the speach. Did not expect this wild opening. I think we will see a flat market from now until the speach and then some action depending on what is said. I'm still long and still looking for an opportunity too double up.
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I think it is a given that company tax will be cut, the only question is how much, my worry is for Sasol and the windfall tax situation, i am long on some SSF's and want good news this afternoon!
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