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App EAP limit increase unavailable - temporarily

Customers using Standard Bank’s mobile app currently cannot increase their Electronic Account Payment (EAP) limits.

This restriction – imposed as part of our strategy of ensuring customers transact securely – is likely to remain in place for the coming few months.

    • You can still decrease your EAP limits at any point, or adjust your ATM withdrawal limits (up or down), from the convenience of the app.
    • EAP limits can still be changed on the new online banking, via the call centre (0860 123 000), or in branches.
    • This restriction was implemented in the interests of customer safety.
    • We will let all our customers know once EAP limit increases are again available on the app.

What will you experience?

Customers using Android phones or tablets will see this error messages:

“The service is currently unavailable. Please try again later, while we investigate” (displayed when attempting to increase limits from Account Overview, Manage Cards, Credit Card Account Overview screens)

“Limit could not be updated”  (displayed when attempting to increase limits from the International Payments screen).

Those using iPhones/iPads will see this error message: “This option is temporarily unavailable, please use our new Online Banking Channel or visit your nearest branch to increase your EAP limit.”

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Frequent Visitor

Very inconvenient

Community Coordinator

Hi christinewagena,


I understand your frustration and I apologise for the inconvenience.

Occasional Visitor

So I've experienced this issue, went online to try and change my limit but under amend accounts nothing shows up. Why?

Community Coordinator

Morning Clinton, 


Can you please advise if you were trying to update your limit? If yes, please run an update to the new online banking to be able to update your limit.




Frequent Visitor

Would someone from from standard bank please call me today with regards to increasing my EAP limit on this numbers xxxxxxxxxx s khanyi.......time that ill be available are from 16:30 to 17:00 please

Regular Visitor

What number do i call to increase my EAP limit?

Community Coordinator

Hello @mbonimaswangany,


The good news is that you should be able to amend this on our new Internet Banking. Note that you will need to have active EAP limit available to be able to do this. Please log into your Internet Banking and change your EAP limit accordingly.


Let me know should you experience any issues on this. Good luck and have an awesome day.




Occasional Visitor

Good day


Having to get to a branch or phoning the call centre is such a schlep just to increase your EAP limit. Its bad enough the banking fees are so high let alone I have to now incure more expenses just to increase my limit!!! 

More and more I feel I should move my account elsewhere..

Community Coordinator

Good Morning @AneesaS,


We understand your frustration on this and apologise for the inconvenience. Kindly note that you have the option to amend your EAP limit on the new Internet Banking provided that it has been activated at a branch or the call center (0860 123 000).  Kindly note that you have to be registered on Internet Banking, making use of the following link:, in order to amend your limit. Please follow these steps when changing your limit on Internet Banking:


- Login to Internet Banking

- Click "transact" on the homepage

- Tap on "change monthly payment limit"

Click on the "change limit" tab

- Input "new limit" and "save"


Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation text on your phone highlighting the amended limit.

Kindly let us know upon completion if this process was successful.




Occasional Visitor

thanx for the above steps, however i am still getting a technical error when changing the limit on Internet banking

Community Coordinator

Hello @rmedas1,


Please note that to able to use the EAP limit feature you firstly need to have this activated so that you can amend it at anytime. To activate you can contact us (0860123000) or visit your nearest branch for further assistance.


I trust this will answer your query and please do let me once resolved. :)




Occasional Visitor

I need to call from overseas to get an eap limit.  What number can I use as cannot cal on an 0800 number.  Very frustrating and expensive to call.  I have had online banking for years and updatexti the new app and now have no beneficiary info or eap limit.  Very frusrating.


Community Coordinator

Hello @Pete,


The best way to resolve this is via email or by contacting us. You can contact us here: +27 11 299 4520 or mail us with your full account details, copy of your ID book/passport the back and front of your standard bank card with 3 signatures: [email protected]


Let me know should you still require further assistance on this.





With evolving online banking capabilities are still unique benefits in having a platinum card and private banker? 

New Member

Good day.

It is just after 20:30:00 and I am trying to transact online banking, not on mobile app.

Need to increase monthly limit so I can do two payments urgently for empoyees.

Trying to increase but it tells me it cannot be done not, i have to wait 15 minutes and try again. Tried at 20:45- same response. Tried at 21:00 with same response. So now the call centre cannot assist since they only operate from 8am to 21:00, althouh the website "contact us" page says from 8am to 10PM.

I have wasted 30 minutes to try and get hold of some one to assist. Payments need to be in tomorrow.

Nobody to help, nobody to call.

Frustration deluxe, and I bet you when i phone at 8am they will tell  me to go into branch. This happened to me a month ago too, and I had to go to branch. I am sure Standard Bank are aware of thier branches that are closing down everywhere. In my area there is two clsed down...

Pls help

Occasional Visitor

EAP limit increase cannot be changed on the new online banking site, as stated in the communication. Quite inconvenient not to be able to change it on the App or Online.