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1. What is strong authentication?


Strong authentication is the improved method of authenticating our customers by using a combination of two or more factors to authenticate the identity of a natural person. This is achieved by using a combination of something you know (pin or password), something you are (biometrics/Fingerprint) or something you have (smart device, bank card).


2. Will all customers be able to get the new strong authentication feature on the Standard Bank App?


Unfortunately not, you need to be on Android version 6 and up, or on iOS version 10 and up to get the strong authentication feature.


3. What are push-notifications?


A notification sent to your mobile device to validate a transaction performed on Internet Banking. Push notification will replace SMS OTP for customers using smart device.


4. Can another person log into the app on my device with their login details?


No. In order to keep the app as secure as possible, only one person can register for the app on a device. However, one person can have the mobile application on several devices.


5. How many devices can you link to their Digital Profile?


You can link as many devices to their Digital Profile as they want.


6. How secure is the QR code to SMS OTP?


Both the phone and the computer must be in the same location. The QR code is only valid for 3 minutes once generated. It is unique and can only be used once.


7. When completing the In Branch process to secure my banking, can I use the Scan QR button on the log on page to complete the process?


No. When in the branch, you are required to log onto the Standard bank App, click on the profile icon on the right hand side of the log in screen, click link and confirm profile, click scan now.

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How do you pay your standard bank credit card from your standard bank account online.


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Hello @3013 


Please be advised that you are able to link your credit card and current account, you'll need to contact customer care on 0860 123 000 in order to link the accounts. Once you've been assisted with linking the cards, your credit card will appear as a tile on the same dashboard as your current account. To transact between the two account, simply:


  • Log onto the app,
  • Tap on the tile which shows your balance and account details,
  • Tap on "transfer" and input the amount you'd like to transfer.

Let us know should you experience any issues from here.




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