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Investigation Process

How long must I wait to get feedback?        

There is a process that needs to be followed and we need to investigate. Our standard turnaround time is 10 working days, but due the complexity of the claims this is exceeded on occasions. Should you wish, the fraud team on 0800 222 050 will be able to take you through the investigation process as it relates to your incident. Thanks


I was a victim of fraud but you're not refunding my money, and your fraud team is saying that I must have given out my details. Why would I do that!?

In some instances a bank is able to recover funds and will give it back to the account holder. In some instances the bank is not able to retrieve all the funds on behalf of the customer. As such, a bank cannot be held responsible as the account was accessed via legitimate means, such as the correct PIN, a card (albeit a skimmed version) or other password. It is therefore vitally important that a customer never divulge their personal banking detail – especially a pin. A bank will never ask a customer to divulge these details of their own customers. Should you wish, we’d be more than happy to again take you through the investigation process as it relates to your incident.

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Can a payment be reversed if a company offers a refund, but then doesn't pay it? I made a payment into a company that also banks with Standard Bank. I have also found that they took someone's R278000 without doing the work or giving the refund.

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