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How do I report it?

Call the fraud line on 0800 222 050. Provide as much information on the incident as you can. You will receive a reference number. Keep it safe to use when following up on progress of your claim.


I can't get through on the fraud line 0800 222 050. Can I report it on Facebook/Twitter?

As this is a social platform, we do not have access to customer details or account information. If you are trying to to report an incident, please do stay on the line to our fraud team on 0800 222 050. Our consultants will be able to provide you with a reference number and take you through the investigation process.

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I deposited money on my account on one of the "reflect immediatly" atms,a debit order was supposed to go through the following day but apparently there were no funds in my account. I go to one of the branches in loch logan waterfront and I am simply told that there is nothing they can do as if it was ny fault. To top it up,I was charged R115 for a mistake the bank made. What a bunch of crooks


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@nathimabandla, Hi, please confirm if the deposit was made inside an envelope.

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Failure of standard bank treating my fraud report seriously has led me to approach banking ombudsman 

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After receiving huge amounts deposited to my standard bank prestige account I noticed on three occasions when I am doing transactions after midnight that prestige account balance was zero while credit account was unaffected. I then realized that in the morning money would reflect again as if someone withdrew it for trading in financial markets and return it in the morning. I even took screen shots of this and reported it to standard bank fraudline but to my horror there was never any followup or feedback hence I am now approaching the banking ombudsman for intervention as I fear for my future transactions in case the overnight ghost withdrawals may never pay me back in the morning given the cyber crime and security issues which are on the rise 

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Apologies for the difficulty reaching us. Unfortunately, social platforms can't process reports. Please persist with our fraud line, and we'll assist you promptly.

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