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Sign in with your fingerprint, app code or Face

We’re moving away from passwords to give you a consistent sign-in experience across our digital banking channels.  


We've made your online banking sign-in process more convenient, by allowing you to approve sign-in with your new app code, fingerprint or Face ID (iPhoneX).                        


 Here's how:


  1. Update your Standard Bank Banking App to the latest version.        
  2. Choose your new sign-in method on your banking app: new app code, fingerprint or FaceID (iPhoneX).        
  3. Sign into your banking app using your selected method to transact.             
  4. Once completed, sign into online banking on your computer, by entering your email address, then scanning the QR code that appears on the page, using the QR code scanner on the banking app’s sign-in screen on your phone, to approve the sign-in.            


Visit our website for more information and “how to” videos.      


Remember to protect your personal credentials at all times! 




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New Contributor

Hi MandyP, the QR code is not generated when entering my email on online banking, please advise. Firefox, Safari and Chrome not working.

New Contributor

The 5-digit app code is not secure and easily hackable, why is SB enforcing this as an alternative.  Not everyone has an iPhone X or expensive mobile device with figerprint and face recognition!

New Member

I agree. How do I change the five digit code to sign in? 

New Member

This is good, and on par with the leading banks on digital banking. The trouble however, you still need OTPs when transacting (Payment for example). This is very difficult when one is out of the country and not on SMS roaming. 

Occasional Visitor

Hi Mandy

I've been using the fingerprint sign-in method for quite a while now, but today, when I signed in, I received the following message, after signing in:

Set up sign-in

To keep your banking profile safe we

removed your sign in method.

Next, You'll set up how you would like to 

sign in.

I want to know, is this Standard Bank, or is this someone trying to get my personal information? And if it is Standard Bank, why do I need to change my sign-in method, if I'm happy with the fingerprint-method? I did not follow the prompts asking for my card number and banking pin number, because I did not feel safe doing this. Please advise if this is indeed Standard Bank or not?


Community Coordinator
Hello Louise; Can I kindly ask that your forward your Standard Bank ID (email address registered on App), ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "change sign in prompt" so that we can escalate to our development team for further intervention and assistance. Kind Regards, Mandy

Hi MandyP


I have also been using the Fingerprint sign in, and this morning also received a message on my app saying that 


Reset sign in method

To keep your banking profile safe we

removed your sign in method.

Next, You'll set up how you would like to sign in


After this, it requires me to put in my card number in and my ATM pin number. Is this legit? Also, I am currently abroad, lost my card and an still waiting for a replacement card. How do I get access to my banking app?

Occasional Visitor

How long does it take the identity confirmation on the standard Bank app?

Occasional Visitor

Why does standard keep removing my sign in method? I sign in using my fingerprint and every few weeks they take it down and want me to set it up again. This is inconvenient. This just gives me high anxiety and makes me pissed. Please sort this out. NOW!

Occasional Visitor

this is becomming rediculous , I used to be able to log in , with password or QR code , I cant log in anymore and cant use online banking on my laptop . Get rid of the marketing and make it possible to use the website again .... PLEASE 

New Member

Hi I have just experienced exactly the same problem - and Standard Bank are utterly unable to say whether this is fraud or a real problem on the Standard Bank app

Established Member

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