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All eyes on Q4, 2017


So Q3 was rather interesting...


ALSI's rand total return was +8.9% compared to Q2's -0.4% and Q1's +3.8%; this was also the best performance since Q3 2013. This is largely due to resources' 17.8% return. Financials and industrials also contributed to the numbers with returns of 5.1% and 7.4% respectively. 


But Q4 is bound to be incredibly eventful time - even with everyone winding down for year end. With the rand shaky again, and the lead up to the ruling party's elective conference in December, one wonders what the Alsi will look like and which industries will make the top half and bottom for year end and Q4.


How will finnancials fare? Will resources stay on top? What about indstrials? And how much are household goods likely to recover (Q3 total rand return was -10.1%)  - as rates were held steady last month and the silly season brings a retail rush?

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