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Aspen gets rated as one of the best with all the correct exposure on BD TV and yet one thinks it is used as one of the JSE puppets to balance portfolios .The question is why is it not holding its own? How can it have any integrity from over R450 to R278? Most of the shares on the exchange are puppets going nowhere except to an elect few who know more than they should as they get manipulated is the inherent deep feeling as things make very little sense? False sentiment and lies if inherently a companies value is determined by it par value surely the real value is not the same and a lot of maybe creative instability somehow is benefitting some seemingly or am I talking rubbish please help?I have lost pride in our PE home grown and one wonders where all this goes and who gets paid to say what? How does one objectively make sense of Aspen?See how it has behaved in relation and context of other share you may have that may have risen ?
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I think behavioural finance theory can explain some of the moves occurring in APN currently. They also invested heavily in offshore businesses, such as Aspen Japan, in prior years, in doing so they had to increase their debt which could be of a concern to investors in an environment of rising interest rates and unpredictability. I still believe its a great company that even sold off some mature assets so that they have funds for higher growth markets. This is one that needs to be held for the long term and now probably might be a good time for acquisition of more shares for the long term guy in a solid company with some of the best management in our country. just my view. lets see in 5 and then 10 years time!
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