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Egypt has knocked South Africa from its long-standing top spot regarding investments in Africa

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Egypt has knocked South Africa from its long-stand...

I cam across this interesting article


and it got me thinking about ways to invest in the egyptian market - seems a good way for those interested would be via Webtrader, the best ETF seems to be the  

VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETF. 

Accoring to the Website

This ETF is the only pure play fund offering exposure to the Egyptian economy, a Middle Eastern market that has tremendous return potential but that can also be quite volatile. Investors looking to expand emerging markets exposure beyond the BRIC and a handful of quasi-developed countries may find EGPT to be a valuable addition, even with a relatively hefty expense ratio. EGPT is a good option for exposure to Egyptian stocks, but the sector biases towards financials is certainly worth taking into account.

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