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Intu(itIvely )?

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into the future with INTU? I have to say 1. They will need money - and 2.earnings will dilute either way and 3 it will take 3 - 5 years to turn this ship around...

 but there does seem to be a plan. ( And we know that plans made when businesses are in a state like this are no better than businesses going to the market

with self agrandizing purchases ( WHL) ..? ). ( My last holding in this lot I made money on - which was more luck than good judgement on my part!  )

That said  its hard to tell if I the last person sitting in the bar at the last chance saloon and talking to myself  about why the town is deserted , but  I seem to recall that

someone said the major determinant of the gain you can make depends on the buying price and of course the selling price not being below that or zero(!)...  so I am thinking that if the NAV of INTU

is about gbp2.00+ ..... And its trading at 0.25p or so ,then if you are in reasonably safe territory - as in a zero value is pretty remote. But do I have the patience. ?

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And here is another option if you don't want to put all your proverbial eggs into one basket - what about putting them all into a bigger basket of really strong underperformers ( if there is such a thing?)   - look at the GIVIFINSA  - now there they all are - ABOUT 41% in property reits( bottom fishing?) - and the underwelmning Capital and Counties and our good friends in INTU - and wait for it , it includes Investec - whose needle, share price wise, has been glued in one place - going nowhere - for about 5 years -well , okay , nowhere and down.

SO emotionally one runs screaming from the room looking at this lot... then again perhaps this is offering a great opportunity- some of it is unquestionably   

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