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Old Mutual Quilter and SA capital allocation

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Removing the "l" from Quilter and adding another "t" pretty well sums up the disastrous path followed by OM. Everyone knows why they demutualised.

What is it with the hubris of SA CEO's and their ever compliant boards who  opt to BUY BADLY, always  pay more and fall harder? A comparison of the semi looked down on Sanlam and its careful path

seems appropriate. Its remarkable how the one has left the other behind - which brings me neatly us to the great unlocking of value(?) in OMPLC. 10- 15% says one asset manager.

( All this is like being asked to do the washing up after a grand dinner and we get to eat what is left over - not much to show really for all that effort(?))

Firstly can any boffin provide me with a view on the likely listing price of Quilter?  That would be a start. ( 533 or so  pages to go through and I get bored looking for possible answers.)