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What I love about this is firstly who runs  it , their value driven approach , and secondly the private capital approach it represents. What I don't like [ and to  be  fair I think managment have seen the light

on this one  - is the getting involved with listed stuff as a minority share holder ]  So it irks me that they are hanging around in Conduit Capital.

And it scares the life outa me that the latter are linking in their Constantia short term with Trustco (and guess what

there is going to be a shareholding in Trustco's LSH or what ever the call it )- okay , the interest that RACP has in CC is very small - but given the price raise in CC there is only one thing I

think makes perfect sense and that is sell , sell , sell Conduit. Because, for my own account,  I would rather swim in shark infested waters than get involved with Trustco...  

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