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Ignoring the mother in law from Hell ( nagging) interference of the suggestions this platform continually  throws up it could be described as "helpful to the point of interference"

, here is my twopenceworth on this fallen (?) icon.

I thought I was cleverish buying in the 70's. But was I ?  I cannot see the deadweight of DJ taking less than another two years to move into some kind of profit. So while I would like to add to my holdings at current prices

is there any point watching this bump along in   a narrow trading range in the 60's - or would it make more Rand Sense to wait until there really is evidence this is all off life support?

Plus who wants to end up with a lopsided position  - just because its cheap  -meaning you would have to lighten it ?? Perhaps some wiser heads can advise.

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Outside of resources, find a SA company that has ventured down under and has been just reasonably succesful. In Ian Moir, Woolies have a person capable of at least matching that companies performance or besting it by a small margin. I will be surprised if it gets much better then that and believe it will also take some time. In my opinion best to wait and see. 

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ya feel the pain, I first bought at aroud 1600c way way back in the day, still hold.


Added from 8500c odd all the way down to 6150c odd in dec last year.


Divs will help the holding pain, but it goign to be a while. That said if DJ is 2 years, markets may start pricing in rebound in 2018 [email protected] and maybe local consumers start a very slow and temid recovery also adding?


I am holding, but my style is to hold forever unless wheels fall off

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Your dream of buying aat R50 could finally become a reality after all these years, Or, May be Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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