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tick a box , but the whole.... family?

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I really appreciate the ease with which one can make elections now - literally tick a box - hopefully the silent minority will now take the trouble to

express views on these matters. I don't mind if you bring a friend when you are invited to a party at my house but not your whole ( expletive deleted) family! This is becoming like a line out of GILBERT  and SULLIVAN ("I polished up the handle on the big front door and copied all the letters in a hand so free... and now I am the ruler of .." )

I am of course referring to the appearance of what seems like a bunch of lemings all with the surname Rupert on the board of CFR. ?

I don't want to pay someone else's school fees!



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ya I love it, and we can politely decline the whole family and if you don't have audit rotation in place I decline them as well.

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