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what am I buying ?

Regular Contributor

Perhaps the better question is "What are they selling"?. So I get this email offering me an unintelligible, to me anyway, offering from OST . It appears to offer upside

and to keep this short let's just stick to one  = the one on the FTSE (Both sent me by OST. ) Its a ZAR referenced product. I am not sure anyone has the time to try and work out the gist of the offer

but my question is - what is it supposed to be addressing - a return better than UK (?) cash - or what. I cannot see any detail of the tax position - I assume its going  to give rise to (hopefully ?) at least a capital

gain?   What does OST get out of this promotion - the fees highlighted? What beats me is if you are prepared to invest in the FTSE for 5 years what the heck is the point of earlier exits, once having made that committal,

and why would one not just buy the FTSE index with a portion and ( if you must!) minimise risk by leaving a portion in GBP linked cash or similar?  Wiser heads than me can no doubt unravel the string surrounding this.   

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