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About Standard Bank Mobile

How do I get a Standard Bank Mobile SIM?

Standard Bank Mobile is an exclusive offering which is only available to Standard Bank customers. You must have a qualifying Standard Bank transactional cheque account or credit card.


Refer to the pricing plansto see the qualifying products and rewards.



Pricing Plan: Mobile Pricing Guide


The monthly subscription fee is R39.00 per month and you’ll get your bank account fee back in airtime.



Card Rewards

Free Data for your Card Spend

Earn 1MB of data for every R10 of qualifying spend on your credit card.




Plan Options

Standard Bank Mobile Flexi

  • Use now, paylater
  • Spend limitincluded
  • Increase spend limit at anytime


Standard Bank Mobile Top-up

  • Pay now, uselater
  • No spendlimit
  • Top-up when airtime runs out



Bank Account



250 MB Data OR R25 Airtime

Student Achiever

250 MB Data OR R25 Airtime


250 MB Data OR R25 Airtime


R50 Airtime


R105 Airtime


R205 Airtime


R215 Airtime


R369 Airtime



R469 Airtime

Credit Card


Gold Credit Card

R100 Airtime

Titanium Credit card

R100 Airtime

Platinum Credit Card

R100 Airtime

World Citizen Credit Card

R100 Airtime


Inclusive Values**

Get your banking fees back in airtime for an incredibly low R39 monthly subscription fee. (SUM)1, Student Achiever and Access get 250MB or R25 airtime for FREE.


What do I get with Standard Bank Mobile?

As a Standard Bank Mobile customer you qualify for several rewards:

  • Get the equivalent or more of your banking account fee back inairtime
  • 1MB for every R10 spent on your qualifying credit card

Note: Inclusive airtime and data reward allocations may expire



Can I buy voice and data bundles for Standard Bank Mobile?

Standard Bank Mobile has turned traditional data and voice bundles on its head! Instead of being limited to pre- defined data and voice bundles, we allow you to choose your own per MB rate and per Min rate for your usage. It’s easy, choose the rate at which you want to consume your data for a monthly fee and use as much as you want up to your spend limit. There is a monthly fee added to your bill if you select a data or voice rate plan.


How do the Standard Bank Mobile Flexi and Top Up planswork?

Flexi is a postpaid product that allows you to consume mobile services up to a spend limit and does not require you to have inclusive airtime or data. Usage is collected inarrears.


Top Up provides you the best of both prepaid and postpaid products in one. You are provided with inclusive airtime value on your plan and once that is consumed, you will need to purchase airtime to continue using your SIM.


Do I need to sign a 24 month contract with Standard Bank Mobile?

Standard Bank Mobile SIM products are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. Outstanding payments will be charged.


Can I use my inclusive monthly value to pay for a voice and/or data rate plan? 

Yes, the monthly inclusive value provided on your package can be used to subscribe to a voice and/or data rate plan, providing you even more bang for your buck. 


Getting Started 

How do I activate my SIM? 

If you have already received your SIM you can activate the SIM by selecting “Activate SIM” on the Standard Bank Mobile Home page and follow the easy to use prompts. 


How do I RICA my SIM? 

RICA is taken care of when you take receipt of your SIM on delivery. The courier agent will request your ID and proof of residence information to complete the RICA registration process. 


Can I keep my old mobile number? 

To keep your old mobile number, you can port your number to Standard Bank Mobile. You can request to port during signup, or if you already have a Standard Bank Mobile SIM you can do so in the "Manage SIMs" area in your profile. Remember, we can’t start the porting process until you have activated your Standard Bank Mobile SIM. Once you have activated you will use the Standard Bank Mobile number allocated to you until the porting process has been completed. You will receive an SMS to confirm that your port request has been submitted. After 48 hours (from Monday to Thursday), if your port has been unsuccessful we will give you a call to assist you. Unsuccessful porting can be due to a number of reasons stipulated by your current service provider, in which case you will be required to chat to them directly. Your current network may also notify you of the reason for your failed port. 


Potential reasons for unsuccessful porting:

• You are currently still in a contract.

• You have not notified your current network of your move to Standard Bank Mobile. • You have provided the incorrect information for porting.

• Your account with your current network is in arrears. • You owe your service provider money. • You have ported within the last 2 months.


To chat to your network about releasing your number, call one of the below numbers:

• Vodacom 082 111

• Cell C 084 135

• MTN 083 1808

• Telkom Mobile 081 180


Porting usually takes between 48 to 72 hours. 


How do I recharge my SIM? 

You can recharge your Standard Bank Mobile SIM on our website at, on the Mobile Banking App, Cellphone Banking on *120*2345# or at your nearest Standard Bank ATM. Note: In the case of Flexi packages, your airtime recharge will first replenish your used up spend limit and thereafter the remainder will be allocated to your airtime balance 


How do I check my Balances? 

• Dial *135# from your Standard Bank Mobile SIM.

• Or login to 


How will I get billed for my first payment? 

You will not be debited in the first month which you activated your SIM in. Your first payment will be in the 2nd month after you activated your SIM. For Example: If you activate your SIM on 2nd January, you will not be debited in January. Your first payment will be in February (on the debit order date). Your first payment will consist of the following items: Top Up 



Information you should know 


How do I activate international roaming? 

International Roaming is available for Flexi customers only. Log in to your profile to activate international roaming. Please note that you will be required to pay R1000 to complete enablement of international roaming on your SIM. Once we have received the final bill from the international network, we will reconcile your account and any funds remaining will be offset against your future invoices until the surplus is depleted.


It is advisable to use international SMS roaming instead of full international roaming as international roaming is very expensive.

Be aware that the rates are based on what we are charged by Network Operators outside South Africa. In addition to this, you will also be billed for receiving calls. 

Note that Network Operators may bill us some time after your return (sometimes up to 90 days later). Please refer to the International roaming charges.


These rates serve as an indication only and may change due to exchange rate fluctuations and international network operator price changes. Important: your spend limit will not apply when roaming internationally. 


What does SIM soft lock mean? 

When your SIM is soft locked it means you will be unable to make any outgoing calls, send SMSs or access the internet. You will however be able to receive incoming calls and SMSs. 


What do I do if my SIM is lost, stolen or damaged? 

Log in to your profile at and click "Replace my SIM" also known as a SIM Swap, or call 0801 212 577. Your current SIM will be soft locked and you will be sent a new SIM. You will be sent an SMS confirming your SIM Swap request. Note that there is a SIM Replacement Fee of R80. 


Why is my SIM account locked? 

Your account will be locked in the event that your payment of your debit order is unsuccessful. You will be unable to make any calls, browse the internet and send SMSs etc. until your account is settled. 


How do I settle my account to unlock my SIM account? 

You can make an account payment via EFT, should your account be soft locked. Please search for Standard Bank Mobile in the beneficiary list on your banking profile to make payment. Please bear in mind that it could take between three and five working days for your payment to clear and reflect in our account. Once payment is made, contact Customer Care on 0801 212 577 to unlock your SIM. Note the payment must reflect in our account before we can lift the soft lock on your SIM. 


What is a SIM spend limit? 

The SIM spend limit is a nifty feature that allows you to control your monthly spend. It is only applicable to the Flexi plan. You can manage your SIM’s spend limit by logging in to Please note spend limits do not apply when roaming internationally. 


How much does itemised billing, caller line ID & SIM Connection cost? 

Itemised billing, caller line ID and SIM Connection are all free with Standard Bank Mobile. You only need to pay a once-off delivery fee of R49 for your SIM and a subscription fee of R39 per month. 

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Hi, I have 2 sim cards, one for my daughter and myself. My daughter's sim card stopped working for no reason. She has a sum 1 account. My sim card works intermittently. when i call my number however, the call does not go through. Connecting to the internet is sometimes. I would appreciate a response on how to fix this issue. thanks

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Hello @Brainbox_2,


Please can I ask that you forward the 2 cellphone numbers, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "Standard Bank Mobile numbers not working" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


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Hi, if I replace my sim card, will i loose all my contacts info?