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0766642155 Mens medical Clinic in Richards bay,Esikhawini,Empangeni


0766642155 Mens medical Clinic in Richards bay,Esikhawini,Empangeni one of the best known clinics for males in Men's Clinic in Empangeni


While the core of our practice is the prevention and treatment of male sexual dysfunction, we treat many aspects of men's health.

Our practice areas include: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation and **bleep** rehabilitation after prostate surgery and procedures.

New patients will have an extensive consultation with the doctor in which a thorough history is taken. Each patient will be examined by the doctor and have one or more specialized tests depending on his presenting complaint.

We are able to help most of our patients with erectile dysfunction get a usable erection and to help most of our patients with premature ejaculation to have better control.

All of our treatments are medical, as we do not perform surgery in our practice.

Most of our erectile dysfunction patients have already tried drugs like Viagra® and have not had great success. Most of our premature ejaculation patients have had no help with an assortment of products and doctor visits.

We pride ourselves on being caring and empathetic towards our patients. For more than 25 years in this field of medicine, we have made great efforts to treat our patients with dignity and respect.

We look forward to having you as a patient of our practice.

* While we will certainly try to help all of our patients, as with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of specific results, as results can and usually do vary from patient to patient.

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