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Account frozen without notice

New Member
Good day i please need help asap. My savings account have been frozen without any notifications. Went to the branch. The note on system says insolvent. How the hell is this possible. I paid off all my debt in dec. And according to my knowledge my only debt is dstv and my credit card. Can i please get help and get this resolved? My salary is in the account and i have 3 kids.
Community Coordinator

Hello @Nic123,


I can understand your frustration on this. Can I kindly ask that you forward your account details, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "Account frozen" so that we can urgently look into this matter and assist you further. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor

I recently opened a new standard bank account. I was receiving my salary in my Aunt's FNB bank account and decided to open my oen standard bank account in my name after being refered by a friend. I told the manager there that i intended to transfer all mysavings into this account and it was going to be my new day to day account and where i receive my salary. when the account was opened my money was transfered and immediately they froze my account leaving me desperate. I could not commute to work today because i had no money and i asked my employer to allow me to visit the bank and sort this out. I went there and they said they cannot do anything to help me at the branch, and they put me through to the fraud department. I communicated with them and they promised to call me before end of day today but they havent called me since and the bank is almost about to close now. I now havent been able to go to work for 2 days and my electricity and water bill still hasnt been settled. They will impose a penalty for late payment i think tomorrow if they havent done so already. if i do not go to work tomorrow i do not know what my boss will say. I regret opening this bank account, this was the worst mistake i have ever made. it will likely cost me my life. I have no way of communicating with the people who can unfreeze my account because when i called the fraud department they said that they sent an email somewhere and those people will call me but i have no way of following up or knowing if they will call. If anyone who can help me will see this, may you kindly help me take my life back.

Occasional Visitor
I am currently experiencing this kind of situation.. How did you resolve it?
New Contributor
The same thing happened to me...what happened in the end? Did you come right?
New Contributor
This happened to me also...did you come right in the end?
Community Coordinator

Good morning, @Crystal777.


We appreciate you alerting us about this.


We are interested in looking into this and hope you have contacted our fraud team to verify the receipt of the payments.


For additional help, send us an email at [email protected] with your personal details.


We look forward to hearing from you via email.


With regards,

Team Standard Bank