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Contactless tranaction limit.

New Member
I have read that the lumit for contactless card transactions have been set to 200 rand without a pin. This may be outdated. Why then was I able to make a purchase using the tap function for just under R2000 (two thousand rand) on 5 Jan 2021 without having to enter my pin.

Why do Standard Bank not offer their consuners the option to disable this function on the app like Nedbank does?

I have always seen Standard Bank as the forerunner in security and also being able to have the IT capabilities to offer their consumers more options. Why then not this option.

I would like the option to disable the tap an go feature and still be able to ise my card at pay points. Does Standard Bank have the ability to offer us as consumers that?

I have been using this method without too much care until I could pay nearly 2 thousand rand without my pin being requested. This is seriously worrying.

Please may I have a different answer from the stock answer to disable my card for paypoint transactions? If Nedbank is able to offer this option, surely Standard Bank can too!!
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