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Honoring fee

New Member
I do not understand how I am paying these honoring fees while all the time I make sure I use my card when there's enough money in my account. I've never experienced this with other banks. I never use money I do not have. When I use my card there's always enough funds but after a week or two I find myself paying these ridiculous honouring fees. I've been with standard bank for many years but right now I'm feeling ripped off. I'm definitely switching banks.
Community Coordinator

Good day, @ClintonNka.


Thank you for reaching out.


An honouring fee is a fee charged for using your card when you do not have enough available funds for the transaction.


An honouring fee is charged when you swipe your card and the merchant debits your account for a transaction that occurred days, weeks, or months ago.


Under "narrative" (description of transactions), for a delayed transaction, it’ll tell you the exact date of the transaction.


Should you be suspicious? You’re welcome to get in touch with our fraud team on 0800 222 050.


If you want to dispute the transaction, kindly share your email address, and we will share the form with you.


To avoid being charged an honouring fee, please download our banking app or cellphone banking and always check your account balance.


Mainly focus on the available balance, as it is a direct reflection of what is available for you to use.


This way, it’ll make things a little bit easier to keep track of all your transactions.


Please let me know if this answers your question.


Kind regards,

Standard Bank Team

New Member
thanks for explanation, i now understand this fee