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I understand that standard bank does not offer PayPal service nor can you withdraw funds directly from your PayPal account to standard bank how, FnB offers a service whereby you can be a non FNB customer to use the PayPal service however after completing verification with PayPal and FNB for FICA purposes, upon linking my bank account to FNB it took me to the last step where I need to add my standard bank card to the non FNB customer account. This has been a frustrating experience for me as a standard bank client because when doing this im asked to go to my banking up to verify myself but when going in the STB app then there is no option in the app to complete this, which very frustrating because I need to get this sorted as I am desperately in need of the funds, I called the contact center but they didnt have a clue what i was talking about and this is very annoying, im not sure what i miust do I feel like just leaving standard bank and going FNB we living in a modern day generation this is not suppose to be so difficult. I will appreciate if I can get a response on this as quick as possible as I am in need of this funds..
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