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XM Satellite Radio - The News

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With a new partnership announced today, Sirius/ NBC radios will give users access to more than one hundred channels of outstanding news, sports talk, musical entertainment and talk radio across digital music and radio channels. New Collaboration with NBC News brings its content to hundreds of digital and broadcast radio stations across the country. This effort is the next step in building on Sirius radio's success in the music radio market by providing a single place for consumers to tune into a vast array of programming that is both broad and specific, and tailored to their personal preferences. Consumers will have access to more than two hundred channels of music and news, bringing the power of genre-specific radio to a whole new level. In addition, the powerful news and information genre will be available across other platforms including talk radio and podcasting


In recent years, Sirius has become a major force in the radio industry, garnering millions of listeners through its music-based talk radio shows, its subscription services including XM satellite radio and its Internet radio channels. In the last few years, it also launched XM Satellite Radio, which features an all-original music play list, allowing music enthusiasts to experience Sirius without having to worry about missing out on any of their favorite artists or tracks. XM's other assets include music featureettes that feature popular albums and tracks; as well as Go Now, a channel dedicated to all things romance. Both of these initiatives, along with the news programs featured on XM, have helped the company gain millions in revenue and continue to help strengthen its position as one of America's leading radio companies.


The news outlets and music programs offered on XM satellite radio are consistent with what most listeners expect from an American Premium Service. The company prides itself on providing listeners with "up to date, unfiltered news and information, sports highlights, interesting stories and talk radio." Although it does not currently have any comic channels, Sirius offers a variety of options for listeners who enjoy humor. It is hoped that the company will soon introduce such options.

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