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he Ozumba Occult Group are most probably the most well known semi secret society in the world today. But the legend of the Illuminati is internationally revered. The Skulls and Bones. Now who
hasn’t heard of them?

But is there truth in any of the secret societies mumbo jumbo or not.
Maybe yes, maybe not, but as they say where there is smoke, there is surely a fire.

These societies are whispered about in the hallways of prestigious university campuses, in the boardrooms of multimillion dollar corporate companies, on golf courses and fly-fishing outings. But alas most of us don’t know anything more than this. We know that joining such a society must be the ultimate, to become part of a community of mutual support, unlimited wealth, power, contacts to achieve almost anything you want. But this dream seems so far fetched, or is it?
Aren’t secret societies run by the ivy league to ensure promising futures for their children. Yes, definitely, but there are secret societies and then there are secret societies.

Recently Sri Guru Moska Rajav,my mentor has successfully tapped into this netherworld of symbols, paganism, probing the age old mystery of the holy grail and the real truth about Jesus.
As they say where there is smoke there must be a fire. So the mystery seems to go much deeper. Who is the Prioriry of Sion and the Knights Templar?

All I can say is that the masses and masses of people who have built their total existence here on earth based on what we have been taught in school and by the church have been grossly misinformed.

The truth has been protected by secret societies for centuries. This is the true reason for their existance. To remain hidden in order to avoid prosecution by the church. What then is the typical member of a secret society like?

Is it a satanist, wearing dark robes writing long letters on parchment by candlelight. Is it a top geeky scientist wearing a white jacket and contemplating weapons of mass destruction or is a normal person like you and me, hoping for something better, better for us and our families, a better and brighter future for our children.

For years the world economy has functioned on the premise: To get ahead you have to step on those around you. You are on your own, struggling to keep your head above water. This is what this gross
misinformation with which we had been raised has led us to, to misery, uncaring and wanting.

Secret Societies protect their members, protect what is dear and precious to them through secrecy, because if the rest find out, these sacred things including the truth will also be destroyed.

Branded as satanic masterminds by those who realize the threat in the system of the secret society, members (normal people like you and I) have for years endured these “misbrandings”, risen in power, gone to church, gone to work and all the while silently infiltrating, rising in the ranks, massing wealth and power and now use it to further the lives of their members.

This is the face of a true member of a secret society. A father or mother who has always known that there must be something “better”. A parent longing to ensure a bright future for their children. Someone who is a free thinker and who realized long ago that we may actually probe into questions of religion and the way that everything is “put together” , that there is something seriously wrong with the way in which the world economy works today.

Are you starting to see where this is going. The secret societies are powerful, strong and wealthy. Why? Simply put, because they don’t BS themselves or their fellow brothers or sisters. They climb in, do the work for the good of the group. They know what it is like to serve an Order, that serves them.

If your reason of joining the brotherhood is for riches mind you we do not invoke money,what we do is after your initiation the members will contribute among themselves and give to you,this money is
normally given between $400,000 US dollars and above depending on how they have agreed. Its nonrefundable as you too will donate to anybody who comes after you.
Ozumba occult society For initiation rites and other spiritual related issues come in person to our temple:


Why do you have to suffer so much to achieve in life?the world wasn’t meant to be so,why do you allow poverty,hardship,sickness,hatred, unemployment & bad luck to take charge upon you?Life is the great indulgence-death,the great abstinence.Therefore,make the most of life-HERE AND NOW!

There is now heaven of glory bright,and no hell where sinners roast.Here and now is our day of torment!Here and now is our day of joy!Here and now is our opportunity!choose ye thi day,this hour,for no redeemer liveth! Say unto thine own heart,”I am mine own redeemer.”This is according to the Bible of Satan capter4.Do not believe what the christian God says you should love one another,the bible of satan says”Hate your enemies with a whole heart,and if a man smite you on one cheek,SMASH him on the other!,smite him hip and thigh,for self-preservation.

After becoming a full member money, power, protection against physical and spiritual attack is guaranteed.Most people who have undergone through poverty without solution often misquote the bible saying “Money is the root of all evil”But read in the books of Ecclesiates 10:19 and Matthew 13:12 and again there is nothing hidden under the sun most people condom the act of prognostication,which is yet an act of phypocracy.You can see your future know your enemies and even communicate with your departed loved ones which most baby christian pastors are against.Please in the books of 1Samuel 28:7—20 about the Witch of Endor.With our crystal ball or black mirror the world is on our palm.It’s time to pay your enemies in their own coins,most people believe to pay you bad for the good you do to them. But I assure you such people will no longer go free for the “Law of Retaliation”is here.
Let’s say I take an not so very bright person and I take them to Cern. They will get amazed at the large collider. They will get stunted by the scientists they will see at Cern. Truly magnificent they will feel when they will see all these things on these screens that look like video games. Indeed they will imagine going into the collide and smashing out like an electron. You can even explain to them some basic things about the experiment going on here, but they can never understand what they see other than possibly sheer amazement of the stuff they do not see.
Truly they may also find these boring, since they do not understand them, or even meaningless. And truly if you keep them there for a while it will assume this place it’s right now it’s a working place as well, and that they somehow belong there. When they are told they do not belong, they will be hurt about this fact.
Then if they ever leave Cern they will try to relate their experiences to other people, and the people who have never been there will be so astounded by these so called ‘experiences’. Sure as all imbeciles do they will add some saucing on their experience to make it look stronger than it was as well, because they want other people to go to Cern as if someone going to Disneyland, because they believe it’s very good to be at Cern and bust the nuts of scientists 24/7. Soon around Cern (let’s say Cern is some alternate spiritual dimension) there will be all sorts of pseudo-information, and lies.
Upon leaving Cern they will feel so good at being there. Truly they will believe they are somehow superior than other people and way more insightful simply because they have been into this place. Because they saw Cern finally. They will really hope to go there again like a person who went to Disneyland and wants to go again.

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Your questions on how to join the occult has been ask often by
individuals,the profound group of the great ozumba occult set up this platform as an aid to reach the desperate and true seekers. We are about to share with you a great secret that will liberate you and help you to achieve stability in all aspects of your life. we are intellectual group acquainted spiritually to
eliminate the mystery of failure and empower status with success in
individuals who are desperate and ready. Ozumba secret society acknowledge all initiate comrade improve with growth in wealth,power,fame, success, protections in all aspect.NOTE:we demand that rules concerning our fraternity are obeyed and observed,we don’t request for human sacrifice or ask for any human part or force early death as a prerequisite for you to become our member. Enrollment into our kinship is free and normally through a thorough screening. our pride is to emancipate the lucky,desperate and true seekers who need wealth,protection,power,riches, prosperity and success in all causes. Ozumba occult group is an affiliated temple situated in Nigeria Take a step of the wise and overcome misfortune and failure,we live in a world where men and women sort wealth and power beyond what or how you think. Our occult is not for everybody,it is for the desperate,strong,ready and true seekers but if you are counted lucky we welcome you. your better chance is here,the ability of you
involvement is determined by the level of your potentials, so be spirit willing and determined.

Get in touch with The great Ozumba occult society. Ozumba Brotherhood Occult of Spells Casting, our Spells when cast start work instantly and result start showing within three to five days .We have the keys to all problems.

Contact us+2347015305891 or Email us [email protected]
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