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Hello people.I`m new to on-line-share trading.Is there any1 willing , available & experienced to give 1 on 1 practical tutorial on how to do it live.I have been attending seminars but I need now to get started with some1 holding my hand,literally.I`m in Cape Town.I`m prepared to pay for the tutorials. Thanks
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if you want to speed things up you need to pay someone,
(and hopefully get someone good) but quite honestly give yourself
time, there is really no rush in buying in this market.
Ask silly questions, go to the courses (especially the free ones), take time to learn.

The most important thing though is find a methodology for yourself, for example Buffet found value investing works for him, George Soros found economics worked for him, Ed Seykota found systems worked for.
Ask yourself what you enjoy, do you like chart patters, maths, accounting, economics, etc.
Then learn more about that style.

Dont be scared to ask questions.
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On this website u can start watch lists free of shares u might fancy, then see how well u are doing. If a share does not behave as you wish find out why, by looking at its profile always read the SENS(STOCK EXCHANGE NEWS SERVICE) on all shares. THIS should give you the feel of trading.
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