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ETC - Algo Trading Club

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Hi Everyone

Im starting something new, Im starting an "algo club".
Im currently a trader and a bit of a programmer myself and
have learned quite a bit over the past couple of years trading systems.

In USA and Euro there seems to be a lot of interest in this as well
but Ive realized theres a lack of any kind of support in South Africa.

I really would enjoy conversing with others interested in
those who enjoy reading up about algo trading.
I think its the perfect time to start something like this as
the software has finally started coming to SA.

What I've done so far is I've spoken to Vunani Ltd (Sandton) who graciously
offered their premises for an open club - They have offices and projectors.

Ive also re-modeled my website so that people can register for the
club and get notified on the next meetings, download the slides, etc.

The club is totally free and its not a selling service,
I really want it to be a social friendly meetup where we
discuss the latest trends in systems, developing systems, different markets, etc.

The club will deal with some basics, but its not the typical "how to trade" kinda club.
The topics will be a bit more advanced and deal with things a little bit more in depth:
- Cores of a system
- Moving averages (results, developed vs emerging markets)
- Where to get historical data from
- Equity markets - Longs only?
- Profit factor - what is a good ratio?
- Breakout systems
- Keeping journals
- Different risk management techniques

There will be discussions on programming, specifically on MQL and Amibroker.

...just note this club will not be dealing with which shares to buy or sell,
it only focuses on systems, so more likely we only deal with futures or forex.

If you are interested please register at:
or either wise contact me - [email protected]

The first meeting will only be in May, as to make sure that everything is setup.
If you are struggling with something on the website, please let me know.
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Sounds interesting. Not sure I will be able to make it to meetings but I am definitely interested in the topics, outcomes and discussions that will be held. I'm not really and algorithmic trader but I'm quite interested in it and I'm busy reading up on it now so it will be interesting to share my views and see what other people think about it. I also have some programming experience but not in the languages/software you mentioned so I'd be interested in how to put my algorithms into some type of software.
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I seem to be getting this a lot - those interested in the topics but might not make the meetings.

What I can suggest for the time being is that the material will be uploaded, so those who cant make it will still be able to download it.
Could be worth registering just to get access to that.

I'm gonna see if there is some way to either upload the meeting, or webinar parts of it...something like that, just doing everything 1 step at a time.
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Id be interested in recording or a live stream.
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