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ETC Club - Meeting Reminder

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Hi Everyone

Just a reminder that the meeting takes place on Thursday (09 July @ 18h30)
As mentioned before you are more than welcome to join us at Vunani (151 Katherine street, Sandton).
Otherwise please make sure you have RSVPd for the webinar,
as you will only receive the link if you have.
If you have already RSVPd theres no need to do so again.

Im very excited about this meeting as it finally starts to get into the nitty gritty of systems testing.
The topic of this meeting is moving averages, it deals with some theory, results comparison on different markets
(S&P, DAX, ALSI), testing using different values (Close vs Open, vs High, vs Low).
We also go through a profitable MA system and evaluate whats good about it and the bad about it.

News for the site
You may have noticed some movements on the site this week.
I was able to add a forum, to allow users to make posts and comments
on different events, systems, articles, etc
The categories are all there. Please feel free to use it.

If theres anything I need to add after a meeting I will post it there, eg discussion points, links, etc.
You will find the forums simply by clicking on "Forums" on the main menu.

Hopefully see you at the meeting.

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For anyone interested in the discussion, the video, the presentation, etc all of it can be found here:

As well as some after-chat on the systems that were discussed that evening:

The pre-recorded video is only about 15minutes long, however the meeting itself was at least 2 hours...

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Can't pick up the after presentation chat from the link or from the site ?
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The forum shows the after presentation chat, which just
refers to the comments Ive posted so far, in regards to
questions asked at the meeting.

The comments/questions at the meeting dont get posted though,
you wouldve had to join the webinar/social.
The recording of the webinar is usually 1hr to 1h30 long
so it doesnt get posted and I just post a condensed version.

However the "gist" of it was we spoke about the pros and cons of 2 systems - 1 is the 7x13 system, the other is widely followed on twitter system. Both are based on moving averages thats why they were discussed.

I thought it would be interesting to write the code and do the backtest on this widely followed system (I wont mention its name here) as I dont think anybody who follows it knows the results of it.

Hope that clarifies it a bit.
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