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I've been following bitcoin's (BTC) progress out of fascination more than anything. Last week the price hit $5000 (current ZAR value R59,011.79 = 1 BTC). A lot of people have been asking me about it on twitter - and it's being used as a new 'get-rich-quick' gimmick, so you cna imagine how many people are sinking money into this without understanding what, exactly, they're doing.. People are getting excited however this looks like a masive bubble waiting to pop...



In the meantime, $6000 on the cards? And when will the bubble pop? Are there any BTC traders out there? Would love to get perspective from a BTC trader. 


(Also curious to know how the SARB is planning on handling the regulation of crypto currencies. whatever policy they come up with will be very interesting to see.)


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Who Me Too'd this topic