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Accounts not visible on Banking App Dashboard(Andr...



Could someone please assist. I have an Android phone(P8 lite). I've been using the banking app without failure for a couple years now. The problem I have experienced recently is that my accounts aren't visible on my dashboard(only displays "add account"). I have checked the following:


  • Internet banking works fine.
  • Cards are still linked
  • Phone is linked in app
  • Check balance peek, works fine! ???
  • Once logged in can still access my beneficiaries, settings etc.
  • My device name doesn't have special charaters (solution posted for IOS device)

I tried to figure out what has changed on my device... the only thing that comes to mind is that I changed the default mobile data sim setting i.e. from sim 1 to 2 (dual sim setup). I changed this setting as before, but this has no effect on the App.







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