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I am looking to apply for a passport for a minor(my child) and to do the biometrics and collection at Standard Bank in Canal Walk.


I have a SB account in my name and linked to my ID number.


I have completed all the sections on the eHomeAffairs site, and given my bank details. The status says it is now awaiting payment. 


On my online banking profile I have added Home Affairs to the MyBills section but when I check for outstanding bills it states that 'you currently don't have any outstanding bills'.  As this step prevents any processing to occur, I am now stuck. 


I am concerned that I am applying for a passport using my childs ID number, but the bank account is liked to my ID number. Please can you confirm if this is the case, and if it is, how I can rectify, as I can't be the only person trying to perform this type of application.


Please can you advise how I can get the bill to show up on the mybills page. 






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