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I'miss a prestige customer and in overseas now, I cannot make any payments to my beneficiries through my internet banking. Called to Standard Bank from overseas and done all verification over the phone, after all the verification they inform me that my card is hot card and asked me to call fraud department, called and verified all details again but still cannot resolve. He said will get his superior to contact me in my overseas no. It been 5 days now no one call untill today.  Numerous email been sending and reply, they only advise me walk in to branch. Hey, I'm in OVERSEAS now how can I walk in to Standard Bank Branch.  I need to make bills payment to beneficiries,  Telkom Bill, Rates bill etc all that in beneficiries. 

You put me under HOT Card because of I received funds from my family in overseas to help me to pay my bills in South Africa you must be crazy country. Now I incured overseas telephone calls to your bank and intrest and late fee for rates bill, late fee for Telkom. 

All these are unnecessary charges incured to me.  

What I need is ,,, PLEASE remove THE HOT CARD from my internet banking immediately. 


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Who Me Too'd this topic