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Applying for financing as a franchise owner
Standard Bank Team
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Few people have the means to buy a franchise cash or to finance the working capital out of their own pocket - most will approach their bank as a finance partner. From the Bank's point of view, and in terms of assessing our risk, we will take steps to evaluate whether the franchise you want to buy is reputable, which will also help you with your pre-buying investigations.

What the Bank will need from you

When you apply for a loan, we will consider the overall risk of the franchise. This means that we will look at the financial position of the business, the security or collateral you are offering, the business environment, and the management expertise in the business. We will also look at your personal credit record. Here is a full checklist of the information we will need from you:

A Business Plan - Before we will consider financing, you must provide us with a comprehensive business plan.

Franchise documents - You will be required to provide the following:
o Disclosure Document.
o A signed Franchise Agreement.
o Standard Bank application form to finance a franchise business.

Personal information, including:
o Identity documents of all shareholders / members / partners / directors.
o Curriculum Vitae’s for each member of management.
o The full names and capacities of the parties signing legal documentation and loan agreements.
o Personal statements of assets and liabilities of all the partners, shareholders, members or directors.

Official documents required may include:
o Company / Close Corporation original registration documents.
o Signed / draft lease agreement for premises to be leased.
o If you are buying an existing franchise, a copy of the agreement of sale has to be provided.

Financial information required:
o A detailed breakdown of the finance requirements.
o Updated business financial statements, if buying an existing franchise how many years?
o Your sales and purchases budgets.
o Projected income and expenditure statement.
o A twelve month cash flow forecast and the basis on which these figures were derived at.
o Specimen or “Pro-forma” balance sheet of the business at start-up date.
o The amount of your own cash contribution and source of these funds.
o If you don’t have a business account with us, you must make available your bank statements for the past six months.

Please note the above list is not exhaustive. Speak to your Business Banker for a full list of requirements; contact our Namibia Franchising Desk [email protected] or +264 61 294 2994.
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Please can you contact me, i need finance for a franchise i want to buy. I would like to apply for a loan.





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wil like know more infomation regards franchise

Reginald Sibeko
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Mokga Senya
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I am looking for funding for a franchise. Please connect me with the right person.



Lucia Kekana
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I have been approved of a franchise , I need finance . plesae can you give me a call 0836256264



Moliane Melato
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I would to buy a franchise, please contact me 


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Please link me with a franchise business banker.


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Email: [email protected]

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Hello Wellness,


Could I please ask that you contact our Business Banking admin team on 086 777 4118 for further assistance.


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dipheko john
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good day

i need funding for buying a franchise please contact me on 074 837 3178

kind regards


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I need funding to buy a franchise can  u please contact me.




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Hello Aldo


Could I please ask that you contact our Business Banking admin team on 086 777 4118 for further assistance.


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Morné Roos
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Good day. I am trying to open a Hi-Q Automotive Franchise Branch but i need funding. Hi-Q consists of over 133 successful franchise branches nationwide none of whom has ever failed to meet their targets. I have 6 years experience in the tyre industry. I also have a Comprehensive Business plan and financial forecast projections. Can you help me? Contact me on 0765706880

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I am interested in owning a franchise E liquor store please help me with finance 084 383 1900 

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