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There are things in life that can only be said through the power of song. Music can communicate things with the accuracy that’s not possible in any other way.


This is why there seems to be a song, jazz tune for every feeling, every experience we go through in our lives. We all have come across a song that we felt described what we are about. We’ve all seen a giddy merrymaker at every party or concert who jumps up at the start of one hit or other and screams: ‘Oh, that’s my song!’ We’ve all been that party goer.


Jazz Bio.jpgOur Jazz Bio, is a portal that starts you off on a whole world of jazz experiences with your own special song. 2017 Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz, Benjamin Jeptha, is the musician behind these unique compositions. Imagine that, a jazz piece composed and recorded just for you. A piece of musical art that reflects your personality.


Getting a Jazz Bio is like having your own cool audio-digital badge. It gives you access to all kinds of #OutoftheBlue experiences. These are specially curated events and packages designed for discerning jazz lovers and music appreciators.  For instance, if you have a Jazz Bio you stand a greater chance of being invited to exclusive musical events like the Hugh Masekela and Riky Rick Collab. This could mean a visit to the studio to see the jazz maestro and the rap-star working on their music, or you may be part of the lucky few invited to witness their exclusive performance. The gig will be open to a select audience on the road to the 20th Edition of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz.


Get cool with it, visit: - it’s the only way to access and enjoy #OutoftheBlue experiences.  Jazz is closer than you think!


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