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Share your money story #FinanceFitSA
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There is a lot we can learn about each other financially, whether it’s how to get out of debt, how to budget, how to invest or how to cultivate the attitudes and actions that allow us to take control of our money situation.


As we keep on promoting good financial habits on our weekly Twitter Spaces sessions, we felt we needed to touch on the importance of learning from financial experience.




Whether it’s your own successes and failures or someone else’s, many of us have grown stronger when it comes to the decisions we make financially by learning from our own experience, and also by following in the footsteps of those who have set an example, whether good or bad.


That’s why we’re calling on our followers to talk about their money experiences. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good or bad, examples of your success or failure, whatever your money story is, there’s something to be learned from it.


While some might find it easier to share stories of the success they’ve had financially, we hope to hear about your failures too. Nobody gets through life without at least some financial misses, and these often provide even more teachable moments than the success stories. If you made mistakes financially, have you learned from them, and is there something that the rest of us could learn from them too? We hope we are providing a safe space for you to share how you overcame your financial challenges.


Remember, even the billionaires of this world didn’t become who they are today without making at least some mistakes. The difference between them and the average person may well have been that their failures did not cause them to quit but rather learn from their experience so they could try again the next day and do things a little bit better than before.


Share your money story with #FinanceFitSA.