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Stanbic Zambia celebrates women in banking
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Victoria Kalima, the Zambia's Minister of Gender, was guest of honour at a conference held to bring together Stanbic Bank Zambia employees from across the country, to promote mentoring, networking and dealing with the challenges women face within the bank. The conference attracted a range of speakers tasked to encourage and motivate bankers, with the aim of supporting and improving the performance of women in Stanbic Bank Zambia, to secure continued growth of the company.


The Zambia government is looking at reducing the gap between men and women inequality, and are working towards ensuring they catch up in promoting leadership roles and governance for the general development of women. 


Stanbic Bank employs 800 people in Zambia, of which 40 percent are women- about 45 percent of our senior executives are women. We support diversity; not only diversity from the point of view of culture, or religion, but also gender diversity, appreciating and valuing the role that women play.


Stanbic Bank Zambia was also recently recognised by the African Women's Entrepreneurship Programme (AWEP) Pan-Africa for supporting women entrepreneurs in Zambia. The central thrust of the AWEP Pan Africa Award is to enable African women and men to participate in the American market, using regional linkages, policies and strategies.


For more information about our presence in Zambia, visit Stanbic Bank Zambia here.


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Bridgette Molala
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Good day,


The Stanbic Zambia Celebrating women in Banking is a good innitiative, i would like to find out if there is one for South Africa as well?