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We kick off Smart ID pilot phase.
Senior Member

In May this year, the pilot phase of our roll out of South Africa’s new smart ID cards went live. So far, it’s been a success and the future is looking bright for this public-private sector collaboration.


Since Government announced earlier this year that major banks planned to take applications for the country’s new ID, we have worked with the Department of Home Affairs to ensure that all requirements are met and all systems are in place to guarantee a successful pilot. Once the pilot is done and the live phase commences early in 2016, this service will be available to all customers at select branches.


Currently, two dedicated Home Affairs offices are operational at our Simmonds Street and Rosebank premises, and more will made available at our branches across the country as the operation is launched, increasing Home Affairs’ reach substantially and offering millions of South Africans outstanding convenience.


This new system will offer our customers immense efficiency and security; the entire process will be handled by the Home Affairs Depertment via dedicated offices at our branches, ensuring that consumer information is protected.


How to apply for a smart ID during the pilot phase:


  1. Select customers will be invited by appointment to come and enrol for their new smart ID cards.
  2. Photos, fingerprint verification and payment can all be done at our branch via the Home Affairs office.
  3. Customers must collect their smart IDs in person, within 10 working days at our designated offices in Rosebank or Simmonds Street in Johannesburg.


Safety of personal information


Safety is a priority for both Standard Bank and the Department of Home Affairs, so customers can rest assured that all their banking information is protected. All applications for the new smart IDs will be processed by an official of the Department of Home Affairs, and our role is to process the payments as efficiently and securely as we always have.