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What’s not to love?
Community Coordinator

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re rolling out a campaign that will win a special place in the hearts of Mzansi’s beautiful people. The timing couldn’t be better, especially for men and women in communities that could really do with a little affection. Introducing #LoveLivesHere, a concept aimed at creating meaningful upliftment. It’s an idea that will urge our faithful following to dig deep and identify the organisations that are truly deserving of some TLC, which of course, Standard Bank will provide in the form of a donation.





Valentine’s Day has always been about red roses and chocolates. We believe we can do something much sweeter. By reaching out to our audience, we’re going to call for stories of people who really show the love in ways that make for a better life for people around them.


We want to know about the school that kept their students supported and together during lockdown. The animal shelter that gave our furry friends a home, even though budgets were tight. Imagine doing something great for them. We’d certainly love to.


We want to know about the group of ladies who give up their time to cook meals for the residents of an old age home buckling under the pressure of financial strain. They deserve to feel the love. And a donation to the old age home will most certainly make everyone fall head over heels.


Love is a very powerful force. And it’s most effective when it’s embraced by everyone. There’s something exceptionally beautiful about showing unconditional love for all of humankind. That’s why we’re already experiencing that wonderful nervousness that people feel just before going on a first date. Only thing is, this is much bigger than two people at a candle-lit dinner. This is about going into communities and making a change in a way that will leave the beneficiaries smitten.


Why? Because #LoveLivesHere