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FAQs: Unsecured Personal Lending on Mobile

1. What is the I want to borrow solution on the SBG App?


The I want to borrow solution on the SBG App will allow logged in Standard Bank transactional account holders to quickly receive a Quote for a Revolving Loan, Term Loan and Credit Card. If you are happy to take up one of the quotes then you will be able to open a Revolving Loan or Term Loan and funds will be disbursed immediately if you qualify. Credit card may be taken up on internet banking.


2. If I do not agree to the terms what happens next?


The loan cannot be fulfilled if the terms are not agreed to. You may contact the branch/ call center should you need more information on the sated terms.


3. Can I take up multiple products at a time?


Only one loan application is allowed at a time.


4. What happens if I click save for later?


The application will be saved for 7 days. You may return to the mobile app to continue with the application.


5. What happens to my application if my battery dies?


Depending on where in the process the phone dies, you may  return to the personal lending page where you will  be presented with either a quote or the final offer.


6. Can I start using the funds immediately on my loan?




7. Can I configure my loan to the amount I need?


Yes is always configurable to a lower amount.


8. If I do not take the insurance do I need to provide my own?


For RCP, insurance is optional. For term loan, insurance is mandatory, if the customer does not take insurance, they will have to provide their own.


9. Can I apply for the balance should I only take a portion of what I qualify for?


Yes, if the you still qualify for it.


10. Can I select to go back to the previous screen?


Yes, the only time you will not be able to go back is when your offer has been created.


11. Can I make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments?


Yes. RCP caters for monthly and weekly payments. Term loan caters for monthly, weekly and bi-weekly payments.


12. I did not receive the SMS to view loan agreement, where else can I view it?


You may log back into the app and proceed to the personal lending page.


13. Can I update residential  and employment details if I select “No” on confirmation screen?


Residential and employment address cannot be updated for this process, however, you may proceed to the branch to update all your relevant details.


14. What do I do if I want to apply for a credit card?


The SBG app will provide you with a credit card quote. Should you qualify, you will not be able to apply on the SBG app, however,  you may apply on internet banking.




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