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What is UCount?        

Standard Bank’s innovative new rewards programme that gives you the chance to collect rewards points every time you shop with your Standard Bank debit, cheque or credit card!


Who can join UCount?           

The UCount Rewards programme is open to all Standard Bank customers who have a personal debit, cheque or credit card.


What does it cost?     

Programme membership costs R20 a month or R240 a year, payable by debit order only.


Why do I have to pay for a rewards programme?   

We assure you that our pricing is competitive when it comes to the other or similar offerings. Please visit for more info.


When are rewards allocated?           

Your rewards points will be allocated to your rewards account on the last day of every month.


How are the points calculated?        

Points are earned retrospectively from the 16th to the 15th of the month and are then reflected in your rewards balance at the end of the month. 


Which cards do I have to use to qualify to collect points?  

You can use your Standard Bank debit, cheque or credit card. British Airways Gold and Platinum Cardholders can also collect UCount Rewards points on qualifying credit card spend


How are the points allocated?          

There are four reward tiers and the number of rewards points you collect depends on your reward tier collect rate.


How is my tier calculated?    

This is calculated based on your banking activity and the number of Standard Bank products and services you make use of every month. The more products and services you use, the higher your Reward Tier will be and the more rewards points you can collect.


How do I check my balance?

You can always check you balance at any time by SMSing the word BALANCE to 45224. SMS cost R1. You're also welcome to contact the UCount help desk on 0860 82 68 68, or visit our website on and log in to check how many points you have.


Where can I redeem my points?       

Rewards points can only be redeemed at Clicks, Altech Netstar, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Coricraft, Incredible Connection and Makro, participating Caltex fuel forecourts, Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges, at the UCount Rewards Online Mall, UCount Rewards Travel Mall or through the UCount Rewards Contact Centre on 0860 82 68 68.


How do I redeem my points?

You are able to redeem your points at any of our participating merchants with your activated UCount card. Ensure your card is activated before redeeming


How do I activate my UCount card? 

Before you can redeem your rewards at any of our participating merchants, you must activate your UCount card either online or via our contact centre 0860 82 68 68. Only activated cards with a PIN will be accepted by our participating merchants.


Why can't I redeem my points at Pick n Pay?          

While you can collect rewards points when you buy groceries from Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Food Lovers Market, Fruit & Veg City, Makro, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, SPAR and Woolworths, you cannot redeem (spend) your rewards points at these stores (other than at Makro)


What happens if I don't have enough points to redeem on my purchase? 

If you don’t have enough rewards points, you can always part pay using your qualifying Standard Bank personal debit, credit or cheque card. Or, if you’ve redeemed all your rewards points and want to buy something else from the UCount Rewards Online Mall or UCount Rewards Travel Mall, you can pay in full using your Standard Bank credit or cheque card.


Is VAT included in my online purchases?     

When you check out, VAT will be added to the total purchase price – unless you are using your rewards points to pay for your purchase, in which case VAT is not applicable. However, whether you are paying with your rewards points or with your Standard Bank card, a fee will be charged for the delivery of your goods.


Can I still shop on the UCount Mall online if I'm not a UCount member?   

All Standard Bank customers can purchase from the UCount Rewards Online Mall, but UCount Rewards members get better deals on all items. The Standard Bank customer price already has VAT included, so the only addition to the cost at check-out will be the delivery fee.


What is the rand value on my rewards points?        

10 rewards points = R1


Why don't I get R1 back on my fuel purchases?      

UCount members will collect a different amount of rewards points for fuel purchases at Caltex Forecourts, depending on the tier that they are on in the program.


How are the fuel rewards calculated?         

Collecting rewards points on your fuel purchases at Caltex is limited to 20% of your total qualifying monthly card spend. This means that we will add all purchases made on your Standard Bank cards together each month except for non-Caltex fuel, toll and casino purchases. Fuel Purchases exceeding 20% of your total qualifying monthly spend will not qualify for the up to R1 per litre of fuel purchased at participating Caltex forecourts.


Which cards qualify? 

Debit cards: Standard Bank VISA/MasterCard Debit Card, Access Banking Blue Debit Chip Card, Student Achiever Debit Card. Credit cards: Access credit card, Access Banking Silver Access Card, Elite Banking Gold, Prestige Banking Titanium, Private Banking Platinum, Consolidator Banking Gold. Cheque/Current cards: Student Achiever Blue/Silver Cheque Card, Elite Banking Gold Cheque Card, Prestige Banking Titanium Cheque Card, Private Banking Platinum Cheque Card, Consolidator Banking Gold Cheque Card

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New Member

Good day.

I feel like it's unfair the way the bank calculates the Ucount tier system.

It simply means for me to get maximum rewards I have to have a credit card!

Because I use a debit card and a cheque card I will never be able to get to tier 4.

New Member

Therefore it simply means even if I can have all the banks products then I cannot get to the maximum tier as I have to use a credit card in order for me to get to tier 4. I feel like it's unfair and unreasonable from the bank to do that to us as its customers.

Occasional Visitor

Hi can I link all my accounts to ucount? How do I go about?

Community Coordinator

Hi MercaseS,


Please visit ,link your social media accounts with your #UCount account for more rewards when you post.


Remember to always use #UCount.



Standard Bank Team

New Contributor

Why does your new app still not show the ucount balance. Please no more excuses I require it to be fixed it's been over a year 

Community Coordinator

Good Day, @visionholdings2,


The best way to resolve this is to ensure that you have linked your UCount account to your app. See below steps:


- Login to the app

- Tap on "explore products"

- Scroll down and tap on "UCount Rewards"

- Tap on "UCount Rewards"

- Tap on "Link UCount Rewards"

- Sign in with your UCount details

- A new UCount tile will be added to your dashboard

- Tap on this tile to see a more detailed view of your UCount Profile


Kind Regards,



Occasional Visitor

I need my ucount account #

Community Coordinator

Hello  @Higgiwp  


We can't wait to have you as a member, please register here:  


Let us know should you need further assistance on this.






The article last updated I'm 2015. There sell much that changed. Please help us to update with the latest. We can now redeem ucount points ourselves.  Thank you

Occasional Visitor

Why do i not have the ucount button on my app after it updated. My wife has the button. I also dont have the option to buy lotto.

Community Coordinator

Hello @Cjseafield,


Please can I ask that you forward us your email address registered for mobile banking, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "UCount and Lotto function disabled" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor

How does one cancel the UCount thing? I'm unable to do it online, R25 a month is a waste of money. I don't benefit anything from these rewards

Community Coordinator

Hello @Alucia,


Kindly forward a mail to UCount support on [email protected] or give them a call on 0860826868 for further assistance.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor

Does a mymoacc qualify for a Ucount reward card