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Apply for a Credit Card Online
Community Coordinator

Need to get something but don’t have the time to wait? Get your Standard Bank digital Credit Card while you wait for your physical card to arrive. Use it for online shopping, transfers on the Standard Bank app, Uber and more.


Standard Bank Digital Credit Card - the first instant online Credit Card you can use immediately.


· Apply for your credit card online.

· Complete your verification process.

· Once approved, you will receive your credit card details – including card number, expiry date and CVV Code.

· This is all you need to shop online immediately.

· This card can be linked to other apps including Uber, Samsung Tap-To-Pay, Shyft, SnapScan and MasterPass.

· You will also be able to make payments through the Standard Bank Mobile App, immediately.

· Apply. Get approval. Use immediately.


Vaness dt
Not applicable

How long can I wait until a credit card is approved to me? It's been over a week and still didn't heard any feedback 

Suleyman Mohammed Ahmed
Not applicable

I downloaded standard bank android mobile apps and I signed in to the sites but I don't have any standard bank account and Internet client number and also my country is Ethiopia so how do I get Internet client number and password as international users