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Credit card debit order

New Member

Hi Team


The experience the customer service this month has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I made a transfer/payment at month end to my credit card, which I do every month. Two weeks later (mid month for some reason) a debit order went off for the same account and due to insufficient funds bounced back with a charge.

The call centre then phoned stating that I have not paid my account which I have, I pride myself in keeping my accounts up to date. I explained to her what had happened, she subsquently suggested that I don't make payment but rather wait for the debit to go off on the 2nd of May. The debit went off this morning for a lessor amount than what she quoted me, followed by an sms demanding I make payment as I promised.

I've banked with Standard Bank for years and have not experienced such inconvenience and disregard, considering that none of it was negligence on my side.

Please may I ask that this matter be considered.


Kind regards


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