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Occasional Contributor
Does anyone know when or whether we will be allowed to shift investment from one TFSA (say on the SBK Normal Account) to another platform's TFSA? I have heard that this might be possible next year. Anyone heard or know anything about this?

Hi @Blik2


Nothing so far - it's supposed to be reviewed so we might only find out after the Budget Speech. But with everything happening, lets hope TFSA's haven't fallen through the treasury cracks.

Occasional Visitor

i was in african bank on Monday 20th november 2017, their TFSA offered a higher return. the consultant said i can move it from my current TFSA account. app fill out a form and submit to the bank to arrnage transfer. no idea how accurate or truthfully that was. i confirmed at the the course on wednesday and i was told that we can't do that. so i'm also curious about this.