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'All From One' exhibition opens in Cape Town
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The Palaeontological Scientific Trust (PAST) and its key partners moved their popular and thought-provoking “All From One” exhibition to Cape Town, South Africa, this week after several months in Johannesburg and Soweto.


The exhibition is part of the like-named science-based campaign promoting social cohesion, which was launched in 2015 in partnership with Standard Bank Group.  


Key partners include Standard Bank Group and South Africa's Department of Science and Technology.


A lack of tolerance for others is one of the major ills besetting global society today and this interactive exhibition campaign heralds the remarkable fact that there is a 99.9% similarity between the chemical sequences making up the genomes of any two people. It celebrates Africa as the birthplace of humankind and is aimed at improving the public’s awareness of the shared origins of all people.


Science proves 99.9% of the 3-billion nucleotides in your genome are the same as any other member of the human species.  The scientific fact is humans are 99.9% alike, with just a few genes making for the differences in skin colour.


The message that the exhibition conveys is that ‘we all come from one’. This has never been more important given the difficulties of our modern world. The exhibit tells us that we are indeed one and should be united as humanity.


The show is an effective educational tool whether performed in an auditorium or under a tree. It was introduced to explain the complexity of evolution of life to an audience in simple language.


The exhibition will run into 2017 and, besides its current tour of South Africa, will move to Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA.


Get to the South African Museum in Cape Town to view the free exhibition now.


Read more about Standard Bank Group's sponsorships here.

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