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Breaking the stigma of albinism in Zimbabwe
Community Coordinator
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Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has donated sunscreen lotions to the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ) in keeping with its core value of growing its people and giving back to the community in which it operates.


Handing over the sunscreen lotions, sunscreen lip balms, antiseptic liquid washes and soap, the bank’s CEO Joshua Tapambgwa said Stanbic Bank was not only keen to be a leading emerging markets financial services organisation but was committed to helping its communities. Stanbic Bank identified with ALCOZ’s vision of alleviating the suffering of people living with albinism the country.

Standard Bank donates to Albino.jpg

The donation seeks to improve the welfare of people living with albinism through reduction of stigma and discrimination, provision of basic needs and capacity build them for sustainable livelihood.


Sunscreen lotion was one of the most critical requirements of people living with albinism. There are more than 5 000 people living with albinism in Zimbabwe. Their major challenge is that their skin is sensitive to the sun which can cause complications such as skin cancer.


The bank's continued support for albinos was a source of comfort to people living with the condition. A study of Zimbabwean adults with albinism revealed a lack of suitable health care facilities and social welfare support, with most adults relying on assistance from their families. Deteriorating economic conditions in Zimbabwe mean many albino people struggle to get skin lotions and other medicines amidst deeply rooted myths and prejudice. Zimbabwean adults with albinism found it difficult to obtain salaried jobs and encountered numerous social problems.


In understanding this core economic importance to both the individuals and the economy, the bank hopes the donations will go along way in making a difference to those who need it most. In reaching our purpose of driving Africa's growth means we need to understand the societies in which we operate.

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